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Start your footballing journey with Samba Soccer Schools (SSS).We teach children, aged 5 to 16, how to play football the Brazilian way, using our unique coaching methodology and training techniques.

Our soccer schools have a two-fold purpose. The first is football; to teach children how to play with the flair and freedom that epitomises the Brazilian game. The second is social development. By using football as the vehicle, we aim to instil confidence, knowledge and joy in players.

History and Background

History and Background

Since its formation in 2009, SSS have delivered programmes across the UK with the aim of enhancing lives and inspiring change.

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Our philosophy is simple. We encourage students to play attacking football without the fear of making mistakes.

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The science behind SSS

The science behind SSS

Our Player Development Model (PDM) and Education Model operate as an infrastructure for all our coaching programmes.

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What makes SSS diferent?

What makes SSS diferent?

Wondering what makes us stand out? At SSS, we take great pride in what sets us apart from other soccer schools.

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History and Background


Samba Soccer Schools was founded in 2009 by Coach Nilio.
Over the years, Nilio developed two observations:

• A trend of commanding coaches who adopted an aggressive approach.

• The widespread use of dull and repetitive coaching curriculums.

It became apparent to Nilio that this style and method of coaching not only reduced a player’s confidence, but also took away the fun from playing the game. Subsequently, Nilio developed a unique philosophy for SSS influenced by the work of coach John Wooden, who defined a coach as “someone who gives correction without causing resentment”.

Furthermore, it was during his studies at the London School of Economics that Nilio recognised the power of football and its ability to integrate young people from different backgrounds and so he set out to spread this unique philosophy of coaching.

What you see today is a soccer school that prides itself on innovation and the development of children. This is our first priority and we guarantee you won’t find anything else like it.


Prepare to change the way you think about children’s football coaching, because Samba Soccer Schools offers a truly different experience.

Our philosophy is simple. We encourage children to play skilful and entertaining football. So if you’re looking for an exciting experience, we’ve got plenty of courses to pick from.

Although Brazilian football is renowned globally for being creative, exciting and fun, this is just our starting point. It’s our unique methods of coaching which has captured the hearts of our young SSS fans, including our rich use of storytelling and samba music. We promise your feet won’t stop dancing with the ball!

As one of our players put it, ‘SSS allows you to play with freedom’. And that’s exactly what we do! We’re not believers of strict coaching methods and constant interruptions from coaches. As you might expect, we encourage children to play without the fear of making mistakes. After all, this is the best environment for learning to take place.

The learning process


At Samba Soccer Schools, we place particular emphasis on the dynamic relationship between coach and player.

We share the view of Brazilian educationalist, Paulo Freire (1921-1997), that players should not be treated as an ‘empty vessel’ simply to be filled with knowledge.

Instead, the learning process between coach and player should be seen as an exchange. The coach should provide the structure, but the player must have room for expression and creativity within that structure.

The Science Behind SSS: Football & Education

“The greatest difference between Brazilian coaches and others is that we see ourselves as the directors of play. We provide a script, rehearse, create a chemistry among players, and show our actors a thing or two, but when it’s show time, we allow the actors to use their talent to improvise creating some of the best scenes in the play without damaging the overall script” (Simoes, 2002).

At Samba Soccer Schools (SSS), our coaching programmes and methodology have been inspired by this very philosophy. The purpose of our schools is to teach young people the skills and mentality to play attractive, winning football; to play the Brazilian way and inject some creativity and excitement into the English game.


Player Development Model

Our Player Development Model (PDM) is at the heart of our coaching programmes. The model operates as an infrastructure for all our course designs allowing SSS coaches to incorporate our unique philosophy and method into each session. Through its use, we emphasise four aspects of player development: Technical, Physical, Mental and Social.


We place great emphasis on the fundamentals of technique as they form the foundations to a player’s game. Our technical exercises have been divided into two main areas; skills and trickery.

The acquisition of skills is fundamental in football. We encourage our players to consistently develop and refine their skill-set in order to progress within the game. Our programmes specifically seek to develop players’ dribbling, control, passing, receiving and attacking skills.

A large part of the Brazilian game is centred on deceiving an opponent through trickery. Brazilian players are renowned globally for their ability to execute tricks with precision and clarity. At SSS, we teach players a host of tricks to beat their opponents before showing them how to utilise these tricks in a game.

The purpose of our technical exercises is to instil confidence in our students so they can use their skills and tricks to attack defenders and play with creativity. With this in mind, we use a range of different footballs to optimise our players’ chances of skill development, including size 2 weighted footballs, traditional size 3 balls and tennis balls.

The variation of balls used encourages players to adapt to the game at different paces. It also requires students to use different skills and techniques in order to maintain control of the different types of balls used.


are equally important. Our physical exercises have been designed to improve players’ speed, agility, acceleration and power with and without the ball. Group fitness is also important in order to move the ball as a unit and play with rhythm. This is why we pay careful attention to the principles of possession and combine these exercises with fitness training.

In addition, we believe that the physical demands of the game are most effectively developed through small-sided games. Players need to play as many games as possible for learning to take effect. By practicing their technical skills and tricks in a match scenario, students become aware of what works and what doesn’t. Furthermore, by utilising a 3v3 or 4v4 format, players simultaneously develop their agility, speed, power and acceleration as smaller sized games demands more from each player. The small-sided games also allow players to learn quicker with greater repetition of movements and more touches of the ball.


A winning mentality together with a positive attitude presents the perfect catalyst for playing with flair.
SSS has developed a robust set of exercises to encourage players to make positive decisions on and off the ball from which imagination, initiative and individuality can develop. We also strongly believe that in order for our students to play creatively, they must first think creatively. We have therefore developed a set of pressurised adapted small-sided games to encourage quick decision-making and teamwork among players. The aim is to encourage players to think tactically, maintain possession and produce attacking and winning football. These practises allow players to act, react and make mistakes, ensuring they learn something every time they play.


Our coaching curriculums have been designed by our technical team with a heartfelt passion for Brazilian football. We want to transfer and instil the same passion and enjoyment for the beautiful game to all our players.

All our exercises allow players to develop key social skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, discipline and confidence.

Three Stages of Development

SSS coaches are trained to monitor the performance and progression of each player in every session using our Three Stage Development Model. This involves the following;

  • Step One: Players acquire a new skill.
  • Step Two: Players apply the skill.
  • Step Three: Players retain the skill through practise and repetition.


At SSS, we believe every child deserves an enriching educational experience, where learning and fun take place side by side. In order to educate children through football, we have developed an Education Model that focuses on five areas of Brazilian life: Iconic Players, Music, Language, History and Culture and Geography. All five of these areas are taught through the key skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT. Each player will receive an activity pack and will be assigned certain task each week by their coach.

Football and Education

The central aim of both our Player Development Model and Educational Model is to improve the quality of life among children and young people. While SSS promote creativity on the pitch, we also encourage people with strong social values off it.


What makes SSS diferent?

Wondering what makes us stand out other than our use of Brazilian inspired practices? At SSS, we take pride in what sets us apart from other coaching services. As a truly value-driven soccer school, we place the interests and needs of young people first.

Developing young people

We are not fans of autocratic coaching! Every decision we make is rooted in our core aim: to improve the lives of children and young people. With this in mind, we adopt a unique coaching style that is different from most established soccer schools. At SSS, we place greater emphasis on a two-way learning relationship between coaches and players.

Samba Music


If you’ve ever played the beautiful game to Samba music, you will know why the Brazilians play the way they do. At SSS, we coach our players to the sound of samba music with the aim of encouraging a sense of joy and freedom when playing. Samba contains a certain rhythm that lets students play in a synchronistic and stylistic way.

The rhythms vary for different training exercises, with the exciting tones of Percussion, Bossa Nova and Samba Carnival all being played depending on the practise and area of development.

Use of footballs


Skills, skills, skills and more skills… Our goal of finely tuning our player’s skills is achieved through repetition of movements. The use of Futebol De Salão and different sized and weighted footballs could not be more perfect for this. At SSS, we utilize a size two heavily weighted football, which allows players to spend more time with the ball to develop their skills and technique. The ball is used in Futebol de Salão, which was played by the likes of Pelé and Ronaldinho.


We also use a size three football and tennis balls. The combination of these footballs adds a variety of pace and weight to the game, encouraging players to adjust their play and tactical awareness.

We use storytelling and imagery to capture the imagination of the players through the use of aesthetically appealing characters and rich storylines. Each of our programmes comes with its very own storyline whilst all exercises are fitted with a concept. Coaches are trained on how to deliver the concepts both accurately and efficiently.

Activity Packs

Who said studying must be boring? At SSS, we believe every child deserves an enriching educational experience, where learning and fun take place side by side. We believe football and education can work hand in hand to provide a better future for children. With this in mind, we have developed activity packs for our players to make education more fun through football.

The activity packs are provided at each session. Players take away an activity sheet so they can understand the lesson’s objectives, all conveyed through the SSS characters.

Welcome from Coach Nilio

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the official Samba Soccer Schools (SSS) website – the home of Brazilian soccer schools in the UK. This year marks the fourth anniversary of our founding and with every day that passes, we continue to be inspired by Brazilian coaching practices.

SSS was born out of my love for the Brazilian game and my discontent with the coaching system here in the UK. Influenced by the work of late American basketball coach John Wooden and Brazilian educationalist Paulo Freire, I decided to make a stand against coaches screaming at their players and ultimately forgetting what football is all about.


  • The soccer school worked with over 40 young people per programme and it was fantastic to see not only their football skills improve, but also their teamwork, attitude and behaviour.

    Ellie Orton, Warwickshire County Council Youth and Community Service
  • Samba Soccer Schools is worth all of the support that we can offer. I have seen the schools in action so know first hand just how dedicated all concerned are and for the right reasons. This is a wonderful opportunity being offered to the young people of Kenilworth & Warwick District.

    Trudy Offer, Former Mayor of Warwick
  • Coach Nilio has proved to be a great role model through his background of personal excellence, but more importantly by using SSS as a catalyst to encourage physical, educational and personal transformation for everyone taking part. The opportunity the schools offer to the children of our generation is wonderful; one with the power to change lives.

    Dave Shilton, Chairman of Warwickshire County Council
  • Samba Soccer Schools changed my life. It gave me the hope of becoming a professional footballer and the opportunity of getting noticed. I put more and more effort in every time I play. I would like to thank Coach Nilio and everyone else who works at Samba Soccer Schools.

    Sunil Patel, 14
  • The Samba Soccer course was really enjoyable. I enjoyed learning about the different Brazilian tricks. The samba music helped me learn the skills as it was really fun.

    Callum Barnett, 12
  • Sometimes I found the soccer school challenging, but I really liked to learn so I am looking forward to go to the next one.

    Ryan Clarke, Age 12
  • The Samba Soccer course was really enjoyable. I enjoyed learning about the different Brazilian tricks. The samba music helped me learn the skills as it was really fun.

    Kieran Cosgrove, Age 14
  • It is good to be reminded that 'every child matters' and that there are people like Nilio who are willing to put in time and effort to turn around young people's lives.

    Alan Wilkinson, Former Mayor of Leamington Spa
  • I think that Samba Soccer Schools was a great idea, and gave players like myself a chance to play at a higher level.

    Nathan Cadbry, 17

    Samba Soccer Schools is really good. It has helped me improve my footwork, dribbling and ball control.

    Mesech Jenks, 16

    Samba Soccer School is great fun. My skill level increased on a weekly basis. I also found it to be a great confidence booster. The schools were so enjoyable that when I was too old for the course I volunteered to assist with the coaching for a few months. Jump in!!!

    Sam Green, 17
  • Samba Soccer has an unique approach of delivering a high quality football training for young people. The combination of skills and technique training with samba music in the background make it fun and inspire young people to play like the great Brazilian footballers.

    Marcos Campos, Youth Manager  (The Gap Community Centre)

    Coach Nilio’s natural ability to communicate effectively with children of all ages and his coaching team has inspired children to become conscious and confident in their own abilities. Amongst many other qualities, Coach Nilio’s ability to inspire and lead has allowed children from different backgrounds to practice and perfect skills and game play without fear.

    Kashmira Heer, Parent

    Sam really enjoyed attending Samba Soccer School last Summer and learnt lots of new skills, he made some new friends and really looked forward to Saturday Mornings. Nilio is an excellent mentor to the children who attend, helps to boost their confidence and skills. 

    Rosalind Bannister, Parent
  • We would recommend Samba Soccer School to everyone who has a child with an interest in soccer or who merely just wants to have some fun. Our son Sam attended the Samba Soccer School and he absolutely loved it. The school is so friendly and so well organised that his apprehension disappeared after one session. He had fun, made friends and improved his football skills.

    Charlotte McCosker, Parent

    I thought that the Summer Samba Soccer School was brilliant & enjoyed the music which was played and have told my friends at school about last Summer 2011. 

    Sam Gunter, 8

    I think that Samba Soccer Schools is a very good football school for young kids who are trying to improve their skills and hopefully become a very big footballer one day.

    Hossein Khorrami, 18
  • Samba Soccer Schools gave me a broader image of what football is really like, i would definitely participate again in the future.

    Harpal Jandu, 17

    I personally thought that Samba Soccer Schools helped me develop as a player and taught me how to play better in a team. The coaches were very good. Coach Nilio is such an easy going guy - if you got stuck in training or stuck learning how to do a trick he would help you by making the steps very simple.

    Jacob Mullins, 14

    Samba Soccer Schools is a great way for players to expand on their skills and technique, also it helps when you have a coach as helpful and informative as Coach Nilio. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to progress as a footballer.

    Robert Bowen, 17
  • Samba Soccer School has helped me develop as a player and a person, and most of all is fun and enjoyable.

    Aaron Opoku, Age 15

Start your footballing journey with Samba Soccer Schools (SSS).We teach children, aged 5 to 16, how to play football the Brazilian way, using our unique coaching methodology and training techniques.

Our soccer schools have a two-fold purpose. The first is football; to teach children how to play with the flair and freedom that epitomises the Brazilian game. The second is social development. By using football as the vehicle, we aim to instil confidence, knowledge and joy in players.


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